Born to Pursue Righteousness

An American born young mother of Japanese descent gives birth to her first son in Mukden, Manchuria.  It’s 1940 and Japan has not entered the War yet, but for a decade, it has been slowly occupying and colonizing all of Asia, including China.  The father is a Japanese national, an architect and engineer by trade, operating a construction company, building houses for Japan’s colonization efforts in Manchuria.  His family name Nabeshima, hails from a long line of samurai lineage from Saga Prefecture, in Kyushu, japan.  Japan enters the war, is defeated and the family, sans the father who was killed serving the Imperial army on the Russian front, in the war is re-patriated back to Japan.  The mother remarries an American soldier, Sargent Robert Melver and the family relocates to Texas.  Nabeshima Norio, aka Bill Melver describes his life as an American Samurai, raised in a value system, steeped in the traditions of the samurai code and how those values are sorely needed in the America we find ourselves in today.

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