Bill’s Bucket List

No special order – chronologically nor priorities

Note that this is a dynamic list and new items are added as they kindle my passion

  • Run for a political office Done; ran for mayor, 2015. See album.
  • Start a successful businessDone; Akron Life & Leisure, currently still in business
  • Walk the Appalachian trail (not the whole thing; just a few miles to meet and talk to people who are walking it – Bill Bryson did it, I want that experience) – still open
  • Pretend to be Anthony Bourdain and eat my way through SE AsiaDone
  • Visit Paradise: Tahiti islands and experience what Paul Gaugain did – Done; 2010. See album.
  • Do Route 66Done; but did it in a Porsche, not a Corvettes as Buz (George Maharis) and Tod (Martin Milner) did in the epic TV series. See album.
  • Write a BookDone; An American Samurai – 2020
  • Write a book about eating and cooking – open; perhaps my next book challenge
  • Climb Mount FujiDone; Japanese have a saying – “Every true Japanese must climb Mt. Fuji; only a fool climbs it a second time. I first climbed it in 1957 as a Boy Scout, then again in 1973 with Ginny.  I had to climb it a third time, so as not to be called a fool, in 1977
  • Win a car show trophyDone; 1993, Monterey, California with a 1960 356 Porsche Roadster
  • Serve as the ambassador to japan – Work in progress