Hard to believe it’s Memorial Day – didn’t we just see snowflakes, just a week ago?  Even though we’re in a partial shutdown mode, we can still do many of the things this weekend that we look forward to, like putting away your winter sweaters, coats and breaking out your whites and summer bathing gear.  Were you aware that there was a time, when wearing anything white before Memorial Day was considered inappropriate and a case of showing poor manners?  And of course, let’s not forget the Flag – we should all be proudly displaying the Stars & Stripes!  Sadly, no big public parades but some of the kids in the neighborhood have decorated their bikes and are riding up and down our streets.  And we must set aside some quiet moments to think about all those servicemen who died in many wars in our history and personally, I would include those who have died recently as result of this COVID-19 pandemic.  They sacrificed their lives so the rest of us can stay safe.  The restrictions have slowly been relaxing but I caution you, some of the actions, especially in other states, seems to be a bit hasty for me.  I plan to continue to adhere to all precautionary measure.  The president can say, “What have you got to lose?”, to which my reply would be “My life; it’s the only one I got.”  This too shall pass but patience is the key.

This also gives me pause to think about past Memorial Days, when I was a kid.  It was never explained to me, the significance, I mean.  It was just another enjoyable long weekend.  The Saturday before, dad and I always watched baseball game of the week on TV, broadcasted by the colorful Dizzy Dean, and sponsored by Falstaff beer.  I think we also went to see parades in downtown Killeen.  But the big event was the Indy race, broadcast on radio.  Dad would be glued to the radio for the entire four to five hours.  It didn’t interest me at all – I would rather be outside, playing catch with my brother.  Sadly, he never went to see an Indy race, something I regret not having taken him to see one.

The default menu these days have become the ribs, grilled outdoors on a sunny rainless day.  This year some rain is in the forecast but still, outdoor grilling is something we all look forward to.  And even though many rib fest events had to be cancelled, you can still support your local rib purveyor with a take-out order, especially if the rain washes out your plans.

Perhaps this is the opportune moment I’ve been looking for to share my ribs recipe.  My wife prefers the less saucy ribs over those dripping in tomatoey or typical B-B-Q sauce.  So I start by marinating my ribs in Chiavettas marinade for couple of hours.  This is a Buffalo NY product but available on Amazon and more famous for marinating chicken but we use it for ribs as well.  Then I slow cook the ribs at 250 degrees for several hours, usually covered on the grill but sometimes in the oven, as you can control the temperature better.  Secret is to cook it slowly to render the fat while the flavors of the marinade develops in the meat.  Then I take the ribs out of the grilling pan, put them directly on the grilling rack and baste my B-B-Q sauce – no special brand, just whatever seems to be on sale.  You may have your preferred favorite, use that.  The heat gets turned up just a tad but turn the ribs over frequently, so as not to burn them, probably no more than 30 minutes of constant turning and basting.  And there you have it.  Be sure to have your favorite beverage handy.

Originally published on NordoniaHills.News